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Hi Thomas!!
I greatly appreciate all your help! You’re the best!



Goeiedag Thomas.
Ek is bly dis ‘n groot plesier.
Baie dankie en geniet die naweek.



Vielen Dank für Ihre unterstützung!   No more open tickets but I am sure we’ll find some more for you next week. And I didn’t know this American PC can do your umlaut ;-)



Thanks again Thomas, I truly appreciate your help and love working with you!



Thank you Thomas for looking into and resolving this!

You are my hero!



Dear Thomas san,
Thank you very much for investigating and quick replying.



During these years I've had the BIG BIG BIG BIG PLEASURE to work with you and I want to thank you for your help, your comprehension and overall your friendship!



Thank you very much for your response. This is exactly the evidence we need ... We really appreciate your prompt response and the seriousness with which you answered the question.



Thomas, es hat immer grossen Spass gemacht mit Dir zusammenzuarbeiten und ich war immer begeistert und sehr zufrieden mit Deiner direkten und effizienten Art, Dinge anzupacken und zur
Lösung zu bringen.



Thanks Thomas!!
I confirmed and we are all good.
I appreciate all your help as usual!!



Have a wonderful holiday!  It has been great working with you this year (as always).  I look forward to 2008!



Hallo Thomas,
Danke. Das ging flott. Und erst noch mit Übersetzung ;-)




we thank you very much for your great contribution to our project. We will remember you and have the pleasure to offer you this book as a remember of us and of the wonderful city of Prague you certainly had not much time to visit while working hard for us.



Thomas Kesselring has been a very good example for this, bringing 10 days of consulting and solving all of their problems.

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